Paul Fowlds (AUS) Throttle man – Kwozzy Racing (AUS Super boat 600)
Fowldsy is actually a Kiwi originating from Christchurch – hence Kwozzy Racing – and is an exceptional throttle man with a huge amount of experience.
Our very own Chris Haeger drove with Fowldsy in Lake Macquarie last year for Kwozzy Racing, and Fowldsy was on the throttles of Hogs Breath back in the earlier days – Hogs Breath is now NZHL #16
Paul Ludeman (NZ) Driver – Irate (NZ Sports 200)
Paul is currently racing his own Sonic Race boat in the Sports 200 class
A newcomer to Super boats, Paul is looking forward to the challenge of driving one of our Super boat 400’s especially having Fowldsy next to him on the throttles
Keep an eye on these two boys as Refurbgroup has not shown her full potential yet and these boys are not going all the way to Whitianga to make up the numbers – they are there to RACE