After all the rain we received during the week (did someone say this is Summer ??) Round 2 of the NZ Offshore Championship was an outstanding day with glorious sunshine and flat calm conditions. With record crowds both onshore and on the water enjoying fantastic racing with a shortened course which allowed everyone to see the entire race course.

After the mechanical issues we had with both NZHL #16 and RefurbGroup #400 in Taupo, we had decided to look after NZHL #16 in house at BCRacing and hand Refurb Group #400 over the Outboard Pro in Whangarei. We did not have the manpower to get both boats race ready for Beachlands and Outboard Pro proved they are extremely good at what they do.
It is a huge advantage for us to leave one of our race boats in the hands of Haydn and the team as they are Offshore racers themselves so not only do they know what they are doing, but they were able to sea trial the boat for us as well saving us valuable time.

The day before race day, we had both boats on Auckland harbour running hard and giving us the confidence we needed for round 2 at Beachlands.

Mike and James now had the opportunity to get into a competitive race boat (Refurb Group) and have a go in the new Superboat 400 class.
To say they were excited would be an understatement, especially when they threw the throttles down at the start of race 1 and they jumped out in front of the entire field.
I am sure I told them we set the boat up for acceleration to help their cornering – I think I told them
The only problem with acceleration is lack of top speed, so of course their excitement was short lived as the rest of the fleet managed to haul them in and get past.
This was their first race and to their credit they mixed it up with everyone else and improved their lap times every lap throughout the day, in fact certain parts of the course they were doing the same times as both NZHL and HiJinx Racing – Extremely promising for the Refurb Group Team.

Once again it was all on between NZHL and HiJinx Racing, these boats are so closely matched both crews have to drive at 100% to ensure a win, but that is exactly why we set up this class, to ensure hard but fair racing and that is exactly what we are getting.
Just like Taupo, Hi Jinx got the jump on NZHL once again but NZHL held the inside line which ensured the racing stayed close and exciting. However the HiJinx crew had been watching our go pro footage from Taupo (numerous times) and had learnt a thing or two about the cornering capabilities of these boats so getting around them this time was far more difficult.
Chris and Karl in NZHL threw absolutely everything at Scott and Jason in HiJinx, but with Hi Jinx set up perfectly for the flat conditions the advantage was always going to be with HiJinx.

1st HiJinx Racing
2nd NZHL
3rd Refurbgroup

This weekend we head off to Gisborne, a fantastic track with true offshore conditions – question is, can Hi Jinx still dominate in the rougher conditions? and will Refurbgroup continue their very quick learning period and surprise everyone?

Stay Tuned